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ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry

ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry

Natural Resources Canada recognizes Canadian facilities that achieve energy intensity reductions with the ENERGY STAR® Challenge for Industry program.

Take the Challenge to reduce your facility’s energy intensity by 10% within 5 years.

What are the benefits? Participate in the Challenge to:

  • see direct savings resulting from increasing energy efficiency
  • increase energy management visibility
  • engage all business divisions (not only the energy-intensive ones)
  • build an energy management culture in your organization
  • demonstrate leadership by making a commitment to sustainability and clean growth
  • be recognized (if you meet the eligibility criteria)
Is my facility eligible? To be eligible for recognition, a facility must:
  1. register as a Canadian Industry Partnership for Energy Conservation (CIPEC) Leader
  2. have at least 50% of its energy use in manufacturing or research and development
  3. establish and maintain a file with all relevant energy data from your facility
  4. submit proof that your facility achieved a 10% reduction in energy intensity within a 5 year period using our Statement of Energy Improvement template
Check out our “How do I apply?” instructions, and contact us at to request application instructions. You will receive a registration form and the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry Participant Handbook, then complete and submit the registration form to us.

>> Is your facility ready for the challenge?

Is your facility ready for the challenge?