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A message from Our Sponsor

Visit our booth tomorrow at Grower Day

The world’s most respected global manufacturer of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) scientific instruments, in partnership with Purity-IQ, will now be applying their gold-standard technology to the Canadian cannabis and hemp industry.

With a long successful history defining authenticity, purity and consistency within the wine and honey industries, Bruker Corporation and Purity-IQ are proud to provide a limited number of master growers with this unique opportunity to join in our research effort.

This research is being provided “free of charge” and without future obligation. Your business and brands have an opportunity to be part of building a diverse DNA and NMR database for this industry. This validated scientific reference library will enable the industry to identify cultivars and verify consistency in formulations of cannabis, hemp, and CBD products.

Purity- IQ is pleased to partner with the Cannabis Council of Canada to bring value to its member organizations.

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