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Why It May Be Time to Add UVB To Your Grow Operation
Why It May Be Time to Add UVB To Your Grow Operation
WHY UVB (Ultraviolet B)?
Plants exposed to UVB light produce more Trichomes and in Cannabis production, this translates to higher potency. This is one of the reasons why plants grown in higher elevations are so potent. There is more UVB the higher up you go.

When Is The Best Time To Use UVB Light?
It is suggested that UVB be introduced as supplemental light during the final few weeks of the Bloom phase.

The Advantage of Using UVB Lighting:
UVB boosts the Trichomes which boost the potency and enhance the smells and colours of the plant.

Why Use The California Lightworks SolarSystem SS-UVB Light?
This compact UVB fixture w/T5 style bulb is chainable and up to 20 lights can be chained from a single power source. Light weight and easy to install, this supplemental grow light carries a 5 year Limited Warranty and is a product of the USA.
The SS-UVB covers a 4’ X 4’ canopy and draws 24 watts.
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UVB light is damaging to the skin and eyes. Designed for use on plants only. Avoid direct contact.

Lighting The Way Forward:
Since 2008, California Lightworks has been dedicated to producing the highest quality LED and UVB horticultural lighting in the Industry. All products are designed and produced to the highest standards in their Southern California factory. Satisfaction always guaranteed.
Canadian Distribution:
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Wally Bieniawski – Product Mgr.