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October 9, 2019

Senate bill provides tax incentives for biogas investments

The U.S. Senate reintroduced a bill aiming to expand the biogas market by providing a 30 percent investment tax credit to help offset the upfront costs associated with building biodigester systems.

Manure storage options with a late harvest

This year’s late harvest in Alberta delayed the land application of manure beyond the restriction window. Producers now have several options to consider including short-term and permanent storage construction.

Brightmark Energy invests in upstate New York dairy biogas project

Brightmark Energy has partnered with four dairy farms in upstate New York to upgrade anaerobic digesters from electric to renewable natural gas output, and divert 225,000 gallons of cow manure per day.
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Verdesian "PitPro" webinar

New Product Showcase Webinar – Oct 23

Pit Pro works as an ultra-negative charged long-chained molecule. When Pit Pro enters the pit, it immediately starts drawing up the positively charged solid particles off the bottom of your pit, just like a magnet, dislodging solid buildup. The length and width of the molecules in Pit Pro allow it to stay in suspension like a feather floating in the air, pulling molecules into suspension with it. Learn More
Featured articles 
Mini Digesters

Mini digesters: Small profile, big future

After seeing success in Europe, mini digesters are entering the North American market with great potential. A mini digester costs a fraction of a full-sized digester and are designed to be able to run on farm waste alone. It comes delivered with pre-assembled components that are put together over a few days on a concrete pad. Recently, mini digesters made their way to Ontario and Pennsylvania farms. » Read more...
Soil Sample

The future of sampling

Just like virtually every aspect of agriculture, soil testing is currently undergoing significant automation and technological innovation. In the very near future, expect to be doing a very different kind of soil testing. A number of companies are currently working to automate sample collection beyond the already-common truck-mounted hydraulic probe. » Read more...
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Make your Dairy Extraordinary

The first chopper pump was made for the dairy industry in 1960 and since then, Vaughan Chopper Pumps have handled manure, animal bedding, twine and anything the dairy fields have thrown at them. These cast steel-built pumps are ideal for multiple waste applications and provide non-clog solids handling for barn flush pits, lagoons, digester mixing, scraped manure, small-pit recirculation and anywhere that high reliability and low maintenance pumps are needed. Contact Vaughan Company to learn how a Chopper Pump can manage your manure and waste. Learn More
John Deere

BioCycle REFOR19

Oct. 28-Nov. 1
Location: Madison, WI
» Learn more