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Ocean On Land Technology - leading developers of industry-specific commercial aquaculture systems

Using state-of-the-art technology and the latest ergonomic design methods, Ocean On Land Technology® creates unique industry-specific, commercial aquaculture products.

Home to the proprietary Aquahive® system, which is in use worldwide across countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, Ocean On Land Technology is focused on continuing to revolutionise the on-land production of juvenile clawed lobsters, something it has achieved through its latest innovation - the Hatchery-in-a-Box.

Utilising the tried-and-trusted Aquahive technology, the ground-breaking Hatchery-in-a-Box product offers a complete hatchery solution in a far smaller footprint than previously seen, allowing it to be easily transported and making it ideal for:
  • Relocating operations if a site is seasonal or if a more advantageous site is found
  • Testing operations in different seaside locations
  • Replenishing clawed lobster stocks in different areas
  • Ongrowing clawed lobsters in sensitive locations that that may have limited opportunities for planning consent for fixed buildings
Not only great for commercial production, this unique and efficient way of farming also supports the replenishing of global clawed lobster supplies, securing the livelihoods of lobster fisherman for years to come.

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