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Happy New Year! Here’s a quick snapshot of what we’re working on for our coming March/April issue...
2021 National Shellfish Outlook
Shellfish farmers are focused on moving on from 2020. Growers in Canada are improving harvesting processes while minimizing their operations' impact on the environment. Seed producers and scientists are collaborating to boost shellfish health and lifecycle.

In the US, a serial biotech entrepreneur is putting his money on a high-density, self-contained vessel invented in Cape Cod. Is this the future of shellfish farming?
RAS for oysters? Why not. USDA is backing a Maine company that is pioneering the science of shellfish production using recirculating aquaculture technology. 

In BC, one of the pioneers of recirculating aquaculture systems in raising salmonid growouts in the province shares what he believes is the “prudent path to success.” The acknowledged outlier gives a brief history lesson on the use of the technology locally and only a few of his cohorts succeeded.
New industry shaping up
New England’s cool waters are ideal for raising sea urchins. Local farmers race to cash in on Japan’s hunger for the high-value crop.
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