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Avoid Water Loss and Land Deterioration With This Plastic Liner

Reef Industries' Permalon® division manufactures the industry's most advanced group of geosynthetic heavy-duty plastic liners. Permalon® is ideal for lining various aquaculture applications, ice rinks, pits, ponds, lagoons, and secondary containment applications. This alloyed product is specifically engineered to resist punctures and tears to help minimize water loss and land deterioration.

• Chemical resistance
• Weathering characteristics
• Highest weight-to-strength ratio available
• Factory-fabricated up to an acre or more in size

Liner Inventory:
• Aquaculture Drop-In Tank Liners
• Aquaculture Liners
• Ice Rink Liners
• Pit Liners
• Pond Liners
• Secondary Containment Liners

Reef Industries’ industrial plastic liners are available in heavy-duty, internally reinforced constructions and are available in 20 mil and 30 mil thicknesses constructed to suit an array of environments.

If you need custom plastic liners, Reef Industries’ capabilities include three-dimensional shapes for box and container liners, raceway liners, and waterproofing/rehabilitating all manner of structural containers. For more information on our plastic liners, visit