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Formulate your aquafeed at lab-scale for best quality

Brabender presents the TwinLab-F, a lab-scale, twin-screw extruder. This space-saving, compact extruder boasts a hinged cylinder with six dosing options along the process area. The process unit consists of a horizontal barrel with a length of 40 D which can be tilted open. This allows individual processing steps to be visually assessed. Furthermore, this enables the screws to be removed easily and the barrel to be cleaned quickly. In addition to the main feed-in opening, gravimetric feed-in or venting options are also available for a barrel length of 10 D, 20 D and 30 D. If required, volumetric feed-ins can be installed for barrel lengths of 12 D and 22 D. With a rotational speed of up to 1200 rpm, this extruder offers the user greater flexibility when it comes to energy input and throughput.
Whether your product is formed, expanded or gelatinized, this twin-screw extruder will meet your needs. Don’t go into full-scale production blind! Know that you will have the best product with the TwinLab and its web-based MetaBridge software.