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TRANSVAC® fish pump   Damage free pump   FEEDMASTER™ feeding system
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ETI builds over ten different models of the TRANSVAC® fish pump, from a small single tank pump that will transfer 10 tons of fish per hour, to a very large triple tank, computer-controlled system, that can transfer fish at over 250.0 tons per hour, sometimes more than one mile in distance.   The Damage free
“impeller- less” pump is designed for stress free transfer of live Salmon in the aquaculture industry. The high capacity and ease of deployment make this pump a front-runner for trawlers and seiners, particularly if they are fishing for delicate fish such as Hake, Whiting or Hoki.
  The FEEDMASTER™ feeding system is a high quality, high capacity, technically advanced automatic feeding system, designed specifically for the aquaculture industry. This system utilizes the highest quality equipment and components to provide you with accuracy, capacity, and reliability.
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