Aquaculture demands a great deal of liner and requires a special material to offer the balance of properties necessary to best meet those needs. Reef Industries Inc. would like to introduce you to the ultimate containment membrane lining materials: Permalon ®, the most advanced group of geosynthetic laminates and composites available. Permalon ® is a uniquely engineered, cross laminated polyethylene membrane. Its patented construction yields an unsurpassed weight-to-strength ratio and provides exceptional tear and puncture resistance.

Designed to be lightweight and easily handled, Permalon ® ensures cost-efficient installation. Permalon ® products can be custom configured to meet your project’s specific demands and are available in a range of weights, thicknesses and special composites.

Ponds, tanks, raceways and other aquaculture facilities often require lining materials. Reef Industries Inc. manufactures Permalon ®, a uniquely engineered alloyed high density polyethylene cross laminate. This patented product offers excellent physical properties, outstanding service life and is non-toxic to fish.

High strength and high performance Permalon ® materials are available in stock configurations for immediate availability or can be custom fabricated to your specific requirements including drop-in configurations.

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