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Reef Industries

ASC ‘going easy’ on BC salmon farms

SeaChoice accuses the Aquaculture Stewardship Council of lowering its standards when it comes to assessing BC salmon farms in order to accommodate current industry practices.

Tougher, costlier future

New rule aimed at protecting US consumers from seafood fraud will cost US companies $53 million in recordkeeping expenses alone, says industry group.

Growth speed linked to deafness in farmed salmon

Accelerated growth rates in fish farms cause inner-ear deformity in farmed salmon, says study.
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Pranger Enterprises

RAS Is Our Speciality

Pranger Enterprises specializes in land-based, indoor aquaculture facilities utilizing recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). The field of RAS is incredibly promising because it is sustainable, energy efficient and eco-friendly. Fish have an excellent feed-to-protein production rate of approximately 1 to 1.3. When paired with energy efficient RAS methods, fish become the ultimate sustainable food source.

Contact Pranger Enterprises to learn more about how RAS can benefit your facility. >> More Details Here

Milestone for game-changing offshore fish farm

The world's first semi-submersible offshore fish farm to enter pilot operational phase this month. » Read more

Happy salmon in the offing?

‘Stress-prone’ Atlantic salmon identified as good candidate after trials show fish fed with the supplement dealt with stressors better. » Read more

Rosy outlook for Alabama’s oyster aquaculture

Setbacks did not slow Alabama’s oyster aquaculture industry as it continued to flourish despite the segment’s challenges in 2016. » Read more

DFO, activist compete over tracking escaped salmon

Fish-farm critic identifying herself and supporters as 'the Department of Wild Salmon’ wants fishermen and anglers who have caught escaped salmon to report their findings to her. » Read more
Benchmark Instrumentation

Technical Consultant, Aqua North America

Elanco Canada
Maritimes or British Columbia, PE, Canada
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Certifications Manager

Grieg Seafood BC Ltd
Campbell River, BC, Canada
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Fish Cutter – Fish Processing

Aero Trading Co Ltd
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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