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BC announces landmark changes in salmon farm licensing policy

From June 2022, applications for new fish farm licences in British Columbia or renewal of expired ones will have to meet two new criteria before the province approves them.

Opportunities for fish farming as US seafood deficit widens

Record seafood imports in 2017 show yet again the untapped potential of aquaculture in the US.

20 salmon tenures avoid chopping block

Twenty salmon operations in British Columbia's Broughton Archipelago whose tenures expired on June 20 were given new lease on life for another four years.

Good news, bad news for next-gen probiotic

A probiotic supplement that has been proven to boost larval oyster survival by 20 to 35 percent is ready for manufacturing but the path to commercialization may not be that easy.
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Recirculation aquaculture systems support many fish species, including salmon.

Recirculation aquaculture systems (RAS) promote stable, year-round fish production by offering constant conditions for fish quality and growth, while minimizing the risk of fish escapees. A key aspect for successful RAS operation lies within the nutrition of the cultured species. If the diets are not optimized for the life stage and species in the tanks, excretion of wastes will increase and these will accumulate in the circulating water and so the fish, feed and system must then work together as a whole. A holistic approach can promote optimal fish growth through good nutrition, system performance and fish health. >> Learn More
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Salmonid Egg Sorting: Combining Accuracy and Technology

IMV Technologies egg sorters are providing hatcheries with accuracy, professional image processing technology, and speed. The ProSorter removes glass eggs, pin-eyed eggs, unfertilized eggs, and undersized and oversized eggs. Sorting 135,000 eggs per hour, the ProSorter takes sorting to the next level by taking pictures of each egg and uploading data to a software program. If looking for high speed, the QuickSorter is the fastest sorting machine on the market, sorting one million eggs per hour. This is a reliable and accurate machine with no post-sorting mortality. For more information about the ProSorter and QuickSorter call IMV Technologies or our US distributor, Syndel USA, today. >>Learn More

Noise pollution overlooked in fish welfare

Researcher suggests noise pollution could affect reproductive behavior and stress levels of fish. » Read more

Study zooms in on fish diet and enteritis

A biotech company known for its microbe-derived fish feed ingredient has been awarded a grant to find out which components of its product alleviates enteritis. » Read more

Symposium on fish health to feature student research

Fourteen students from universities around the world will showcase their research at the 8th International Symposium on Aquatic Animal Health (ISAAH) in PEI, Canada in September. » Read more

2nd Annual Larval Fish Conference

June 24-28, 2018
Victoria, BC, Canada
» Read more

American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting

August 19-23, 2018
Atlantic City, New Jersey
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