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October 17, 2018

Maryland boosts public access to proposed shellfish tenures

Maryland has increased public access to information on proposed shellfish tenures by posting pending commercial shellfish lease applications on the state government website.

'Sea change' in Canadian aquaculture

Canada’s new federal minister responsible for regulating the aquaculture industry on Thursday indicated radical change is coming in the way Canada manages Atlantic salmon farming.

Maine as RAS hub?

Whole Oceans thinks so and hopes to play a major role in making it happen.

Adapt and innovate, marine ingredients industry told

IFFO's clarion call comes amidst renewed pressure for the industry to embrace more sustainable practices, and the push for aquaculture to reduce its reliance on marine-derived fish feed ingredients. » Read more

Canola-based feed ingredient to hit the market in 2020

Cargill’s efforts to develop a new type of canola oil for use in fish feed has come to fruition with the launch of Latitude, a fish oil alternative that provides long chain Omega-3 fatty acids for aquafeed. » Read more

Book review: The Aquaponic Farmer

Aquaponic farmer and educator makes the business case for aquaponics. » Read more

58th IFFO Annual Conference

October 15-17, 2018
Rome, Italy
» Read more

Laqua 18

October 23-26, 2018
Bogota, Colombia
» Read more