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October 24, 2018

China moving from quantity to quality

China’s efforts toward greener aquaculture is good news for consumers worldwide.

Imported shrimp don’t deserve bad rep, says study

Shrimp farming practices have improved over the past 18 years such that imported shrimp no longer deserve their bad reputation, a study says.

‘Marine snow’ could be key component in eel farming

In the latest push to perfect the technology to make eel farming commercially viable, Japanese scientists are looking at "marine snow" as potential diet for the slippery creature.

Pesticide still a no-go

The future of oyster growers in Southwest Washington is in question after they were barred from using an insecticide deemed the only practical way of addressing a pest. » Read more

Crustaceans lead aquaculture growth

Modernization, professionalization, and the emergence of intensive and semi-intensive farms made the crustacean sector the fastest growing aquaculture segment from 2010 to 2016. » Read more

Laqua 18

October 23-26, 2018
Bogota, Colombia
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Northwest Fish Culture Conference

December 4-6 2018
Portand, Oregon
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2018 Aquaculture Innovation Workshop

December 4-6, 2018
Miami, Florida
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2019 Seafarmers Conference and Trade Show

January 24-25 2019
Halifax, Nova Scotia
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