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February 13, 2019

The challenge of oversupply for US catfish farmers

The big story in catfish aquaculture two years ago was that US farm-raised catfish production was able to meet demand for the first time since 2013. How times have changed. US farmers are now faced with oversupply, falling prices and an uncertain 2019.

PRV-infected farmed salmon pose low risk to wild fish, fisheries ministry says

According to a peer review conducted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, farmed salmon that carry and transfer the deadly Piscine Orthoreovirus (PRV) pose a low risk to wild Fraser River sockeye salmon in British Columbia.

Atlantic Sapphire celebrates another milestone

Atlantic Sapphire moved the first two commercial batches of salmon fingerlings from its hatchery to the feeding unit at its new Miami, Fla., facility last week.

Land-based salmon producer to set up farm in California

Nordic Aquafarms has announced plans to build a land-based Atlantic salmon farm in California to be close to the regional markets it plans to serve.

‘Eat seafood, ditch the supplement,’ says NY Times bestselling author

Eating seafood instead of popping Omega-3 supplements is a no-brainer because seafood – whether fish or farmed – is the greener choice, says Paul Greenberg, the New York Times bestselling author of Four Fish, American Catch, and The Omega Principle.
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Protein Ingredient Helps Reduce P Discharge

Peter Fritsch, president of Rushing Waters Fisheries, has been seeing phosphorus discharge numbers go down and production numbers go up.
In over two years, and increasing inclusion levels of plant-based protein ingredient ME-PRO, Rushing Waters Fisheries lowered its phosphorus discharge 69 percent with indicators that the phosphorus levels will decline further.
“Without ME-PRO there is no way we could have gotten to this level just on feed.” >> learn more

Wisconsin Aquaculture Conference 2019

Thursday 14 February 2019 - Friday 15 February 2019
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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2019 Catfish Farmers of America Annual Convention

Thursday 21 February 2019 - Saturday 23 February 2019 08:00am - 05:00pm
Embassy Suites, Hot Springs, Arkansas
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Aquaculture 2019

Thursday 07 March 2019 - Monday 11 March 2019 08:00am - 05:00pm
New Orleans, Louisiana
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NC Aquaculture Development Conference

Thursday 28 March 2019 - Saturday 30 March 2019 08:00am - 05:00pm
New Bern Convention Center, New Bern, NC
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