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May 1, 2019

Land-based salmon aquaculture to create 4,000 jobs in BC, report says

The Fraser Basin Council recently published a report which confirms significant job creation potential of land-based salmon aquaculture in British Columbia.

UCLA study considers future of ocean seafood farming

UCLA researchers have conducted the first country-by-country evaluation of the potential for marine aquaculture under current governance, policy and capital patterns.

Center for Aquaculture Technologies sold to Cuna Del Mar

On April 23, 2019, all shares in aquaculture R&D company The Center for Aquaculture Technologies, were purchased by Cuna Del Mar LP, a US-based aquaculture investment fund, for an undisclosed amount from Linnaeus Capital Partners BV.

Valuable tool underutilized, says study

Cryopreservation is a valuable tool in preserving living cells or tissues of aquaculture species but lack of standardization makes it an underutilized technique, says a study. » Read more

Federal playground politics and the aquaculture industry

The basic reality of a temporary curtailment in federal aquaculture programs because of the “partial shutdown” is that there were few day-to-day effects for producers. » Read more
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Company: Kentucky State University
Contact: Dr. Robert M. Durborow
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Nursery Technician

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Location: Hudson, NY
Company: Hudson Valley Fish Farms
Contact: Brittany Peachey
Phone: 5182494750
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