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July 3, 2019
Top Stories 

Research project showing potential for farming Blue crab

Blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus) have played an important part in Mississippi's history and economy for years, but their populations in the wild are declining, putting a strain on local fishermen. Established in the early 2000s, the University of Southern Mississippi's Blue Crab Hatchery is working to make farmed blue crabs a reality.

Canadian government seeks feedback on draft 'risk management' document for aquaculture

In a bid to further enhance environmental sustainability in aquaculture operations, the Government of Canada has released two draft documents aimed at enhancing science-based decision-making protocols of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Are You Crushing Pellets to Achieve Sub 1.0mm Feed?

You Could Be Experiencing Up to 45% Off Spec Product Loss. There is an alternative. An Extrusion Processing System from Extru-Tech can consistently provide fine feed. Key advantages include:
• Advanced screw, knife and dies engineered exclusively for sub millimeter production
• Eliminates re-processing heat damage and nutrition loss
• Exclusive extrusion process provides on size yields over 95%
If you’re currently crushing larger pellets to achieve sub 1.0mm feed, eliminate the spec loss and make the investment in an Extru-Tech Extrusion Processing System.
In the aquafeed business, you either sink or swim. Contact Extru-Tech today at 785-284-2153 >> Learn More

North American startups honored at Aquaculture Awards

Two tech companies with roots in Canada and the United States triumphed at the 2019 Aquaculture Awards, the first edition that accepted nominees outside the UK. » Read more

Maine reels in two RAS operators

The vision for Maine to become America’s RAS hub is gaining traction with the announcement of two new players joining the growing field. » Read more

Two-in-one solution for water circulation and aeration

A new breed of pumps has been engineered to eliminate the need for separate water circulation and aeration systems in aquaculture operations. » Read more

Training the aquaculture diver

By nature of farming in the water, there are numerous tasks that need to be tended to that are under the site. This is the domain of the aquaculture diver. » Read more