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CW Brabender

Dan Swecker: Honouring a true statesman and fish farming pioneer

The Washington state aquaculture community is honouring the life of fish farming pioneer and aquaculture advocate, Dan Swecker, who passed away September 1, 2021, following a brief illness.

Norwegian initiative to make seaweed safer to eat

Too much of a good thing is bad, so researchers in Norway say they are striving to further develop the methods for reducing iodine content in seaweed so that consumers can confidently enjoy products with kelp.
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The Aquaponic Farmer

Aquaponic farming-raising fish and vegetables together commercially-is the most promising innovation for a sustainable, profitable, localized food system. Until now, systems have largely focused on warm-water fish such as tilapia. A lack of reliable information for raising fish and vegetables in the cool climates of North America and Europe has been a major stumbling block. The Aquaponic Farmer is the game changer.

Built around a proven 120-foot greenhouse system operable by one person, the book distills vast experience and complete step-by- step guidance for starting and running a cold-water aquaponics business. >> Learn More

Viewpoint: Fallout from the fire at Atlantic Sapphire in Denmark

Farming trout alongside Atlantic salmon or switching to trout altogether, if it happens, could add a new wrinkle for investors to digest: firstly, the trials are likely to require more resources because the farm is much larger; secondly, trout has not been proven in RAS in the large sizes that command premium prices; and thirdly, there is a significant market risk with trout in the United States. » Read more

Farmed salmon gets high marks on environmental performance

The study found that farmed and wild salmonids (trout and salmon) are similar in their CO2 emission, with farmed having 5,101 to 5,410 kilograms of CO2 equivalent per tonne compared to wild’s 6,881. The study also found that farmed trout and salmon use the least water and land among the farmed blue foods. » Read more

Waste not, want not

Circular economy, also called circularity, is an economic system which focuses on eliminating waste. It employs principles of reusing, sharing, and recycling to create a closed-loop system that cuts waste, pollution, and carbon emissions. » Read more
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RAS 2022

Aquaculture Europe 2021

Oct. 4-7, 2021
Madeira, Portugal
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Animal AgRech Innovation Summit

Oct. 19-20, 2021
Virtual Event
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RAS Virtual Summit 2021

Nov. 3, 2021
Virtual Event
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