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Maine Aquaculture Association’s manual to guide producers through distribution challenge areas

US seafood consumption has seen an increase of 35 per cent to US$7 billion in 2020, in comparison to sales in 2019. With this spike in demand, the Maine Aquaculture Association (MAA) saw a need for the newly-released Maine Aquaculture Distribution Mapping Manual. The manual is a tool for sea farmers in the Maine aquaculture industry, that can be utilized to compare and contrast the current and potential distribution channels, allowing the farmers to determine the best way to get their products to market.

Canadian suppliers form new aquaculture lobby group

The Canadian Aquaculture Suppliers Association is a new non-profit organization with a mission to encourage growth in Canada’s aquaculture sector. Ben James, project manager at Merinov applied research centre, is the new president of the non-profit. In the association’s first public statement, James makes a public appeal for the Canadian government to reassess its decision not to renew the 79 salmon farm licenses in the Discovery Islands, which are set to expire on June 30.

NOAA releases new federal permitting guide

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association's (NOAA's) new guide on the federal permitting process for marine aquaculture in the United States, titled “Guide to Permitting Marine Aquaculture in the United States (2022),” was developed to assist individuals with navigating the federal permitting process for marine aquaculture for finfish, shellfish, invertebrates and seaweed. It outlines key requirements for obtaining federal permits for commercial aquaculture, as well as providing an updated overview of the federal statutes and regulations in the United States.

Study: Salmon farm workers are at a much higher risk of harmful noise

Researchers who studied noise exposure in Canada’s salmonid aquaculture industry have found that salmon farm workers are at a much higher risk of excessive noise exposure than employees at other types of facilities due to the tasks performed and the equipment used. Data was collected from a salmon hatchery, a salmon R&D facility, a laboratory and a salmon farm.
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Is your site Transport Canada compliant?

Go Deep International has provided Transport Canada approved lease marking solutions for 20 years. We can help secure your investment using a site-specific combination of buoys, solar powered lanterns, mooring lines and decal packages. Contact us to ensure that your site conforms to the Navigable Water Protection Act and Private Buoy Regulations.

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Tech, human insight help farmer grow ‘new’ farmed species

Pacifico Aquaculture was the first to bring farmed non-hybrid or “true” striped bass to the market. The company raises striped bass from egg to harvest in the deep waters off Baja California, Mexico. Also known in the wild as rock fish or striper, the fish sports distinguishing black stripes running along its silvery metallic sides. » Read more
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Aquaculture Ecosystems: Adaptability and Sustainability

Aquaculture Ecosystems contains a thorough and exciting synthesis of current information on aquaculture practices and substantial discussion of the way forward in transforming the aquaculture industry by improving its sustainability. This important book includes discussion of all the current major issues relating to aquaculture practices in relation to the ecology of their situations, environmental concerns, and details of how sustainability can be improved. Efforts have been made to include chapters that go beyond the stage of debate on old topics, providing conclusions to provide leads for action plans and practices addressing modern challenges such as global climate change. » Learn more

XpertSea names new chief sustainability officer

Roxanne Nanninga has been named XpertSea’s new chief sustainability officer. Nanninga joins the Quebec-based company from her previous role as senior director of sustainability at Thai Union North America. This new position is said to be part of XpertSea’s efforts to sustainability “by rewarding responsible farming practices and bringing more transparent, environmentally-conscious seafood to market.” » Read more

More than 4,700 jobs, $1.2 billion at stake in BC coast: BCFSA report

The BC Salmon Farmers Association (BCFSA) has released a new economic analysis report measuring the potential impact of recent salmon farming closures in the region. The report, conducted by RIAS Inc. on behalf of the association, has estimated that 4,700 jobs and CA$1.2 billion in economic activity, and $427 million in GDP are at risk if 79 salmon farming licenses are not reissued by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) by June. » Read more
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Aquaculture 2022

Feb. 28-March 4, 2022
San Diego, CA
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Aquaculture Africa 2021

March 25-28, 2022
Alexandria, Egypt
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March 30-31, 2022
Hilton Head, SC
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