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Net pens made completely of recycled plastic in the works

As part of an industry-wide effort to make aquaculture as environmentally-sustainable as possible, the AKVA Group of Norway says it will produce entire net pens using recycled plastics, an initiative meant to also prove the point that such recycled materials meet quality standards.

Canadian company redesigns an industry essential

Nannobubble technology has been in used in salmon farming for ages to mitigate algal blooms and improve water quality overall, but an engineer says there were some weaknesses in the technology.

WINAA podcast: Jeanne McKnight: How to tell the aquaculture story

Jeanne McKnight is the executive director of Northwest Aquaculture Alliance, and she is also president and chairman of her own communications firm, McKnight Group. In this episode, we meet up with Jeanne at Aquaculture 2022 in San Diego to share her thoughts on how the industry has changed over the years.
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Is your site Transport Canada compliant?

Go Deep International has provided Transport Canada approved lease marking solutions for 20 years. We can help secure your investment using a site-specific combination of buoys, solar powered lanterns, mooring lines and decal packages. Contact us to ensure that your site conforms to the Navigable Water Protection Act and Private Buoy Regulations.

For more information, visit us at www.godeepaton.com
Call Toll Free: 1-877-446-3337

» Protect your site from liabilities caused by marine accidents and prevent enforcement for non-compliance.

BC First Nations call for five-year renewal of salmon farming licenses

A coalition of First Nations leaders from British Columbia are asking Canada to re-issue for a minimum of five years the salmon farming licences expiring this June to give them time to properly engage with their communities, government and other stakeholders on the 2025 transition plans. » Read more
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Brown Trout: Biology, Ecology and Management

The brown trout is an iconic species across its natural European distribution and has been introduced throughout the World. Brown Trout: Biology, Ecology and Management offers a comprehensive review of the scientific information and current research on this major fish species. While the brown trout is the most sought species by anglers, its introduction to various waters around the world is causing serious environmental problems. At the same time, introduction of exogenous brown trout lineages threatens conservation of native gene pools of populations in many regions. The authors summarize the important aspects of the brown trout’s life history and ecology and focus on the impact caused by the species. The text explores potential management strategies in order to maintain numerous damaged populations within its natural distributional range and to ameliorate its impacts in exotic environments. » Learn more

Kumamoto oysters take three times as long to grow, but worth the wait

More than 75 years since Kumamoto (Crassostrea sikamea) oyster seeds first arrived in the United States from Japan, “kumies” have cemented their place in the market. » Read more

Slow uptake of oyster farming permits in Texas

Roughly eight months since Texas approved three permits for oyster leases (one of them conditional), there still are no new permit holders in the state. “The permit process is extensive due to the number of agencies farmers have to work with,” said Hannah Kaplan, co-owner of Texas Sustainable Oyster Company. » Read more
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Aquaculture Africa 2021

March 25-28, 2022
Alexandria, Egypt
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March 30-31, 2022
Hilton Head, SC
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Aquaculture UK 2022

May 3-5, 2022
Aviemore, Scotland
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