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Different reasons for swimming earth’s waters

While farmed salmon is emerging in markets and on dinner plates, it is sparking discussions with wild salmon devotees.

Climate risks: Beyond temperature

In the real world, climate stressors do not occur in isolation. Yet, much research has focused on the impact of single factors, like temperature.

To protect and save

The future of salmon farming in British Columbia has never been more uncertain, as the province’s aquaculture community finds itself navigating some turbulent waters, pushed into the path of the federal government’s blue economy strategy.
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Tarpons: Biology, Ecology, Fisheries

This book is the latest and most thorough text on the biology, ecology, and fisheries (sport and commercial) of tarpons. The chapters comprise clear, intricate discourses on such subjects as early development and metamorphosis, population genetics, anatomical and physiological features and adaptations, migrations, reproductive biology, and culminate with a concise overview of the world’s tarpon fisheries. A comprehensive appendix includes Spotte’s original translations of important papers published previously by others in Spanish and Portuguese and unavailable until now to English readers.

Tarpons: Biology, Ecology, Fisheries will be of considerable interest and use to fishery and research biologists, marine conservationists, aquaculturists, and informed anglers. » Learn more

Replacing marine fish ingredients in aquafeed

A life-cycle analysis and testing alternative feed ingredients support further inroads for the use of microalgae oil in aquafeed formulations. There are several potential approaches that can be taken to reduce nutrients in the wastewater from land-based aquaculture operations, which is an important sustainability goal for the industry. » Read more
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RAS Academy

Milford Aquaculture Seminar

January 09 - January 11, 2023
Shelton, Connecticut, U.S.
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Aquaculture America 2023

February 23 - February 26, 2023
New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.
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April 20 - April 22, 2023
Orlando, Florida U.S.
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