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New Research Highlights
New research was released last week that sheds light on the plans of B2B marketers for next year, as well as on their thoughts about which channels are most effective. Conducted by LinkedIn and Ipsos, the results hint at where we can expect growth in the coming 12 to 18 months. I've listed the highlights below, along with what they mean to Annex and the marketers we serve.
  • B2B marketers are optimistic they can grow their companies' revenues. That means: Assuming we have the right relationships and offer the right solutions, we have an opportunity to grow as optimistic marketers put their plans into action.
  • Two thirds expect their budgets to grow over the next year, while 24% expect them to stay the same. Only 9% expect them to drop. That means: Assuming we know what they want to accomplish, we are fighting for pieces of a larger pie.
  • Marketing leaders and their C-suite colleagues are increasingly grasping the importance of branding and demand generation. So while lead gen still took the largest share of budgets at 36%, brand building (30%) and demand generation tactics like thought leadership (20%) combined for the largest share by far. And 63% have increased their spend on brand building. That means: Content marketing, webinars, bolder display ads in print and digital, and video should all be a welcome addition to campaigns in 2024. Options that include some leads are a bonus, such as webinars or Lead Drivers. Maybe we need a new product called Brand Builder? Ideas welcome.
  • The top channels that B2B leaders expect to use in the coming year are in-person events (60%), video (59%), thought leadership (57%) and digital events, including webinars (45%). In-person events and thought leadership are seen as the most effective B2B channels. That means: We have all the tools and resources to turn these conversations into campaigns, and thus are well positioned to capitalize on these trends.
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Despite all of the above, 50% plan to continue using display advertising next year. The report did not differentiate between print and digital display. That means: We should get creative with both the print and digital display formats we propose to keep these folks engaged, meaning top billboards, interscrollers, wallpaper, enews take-overs, and high-impact print. At the same time, if we focus or over-emphasize display solutions, we will miss 50% of the customers out there.

Have a look at the lengthy study yourself, and perhaps share with a client or five to make sure they know we can do all of the above.

I am off today to Vancouver Island to splash around the cold saltwater with my youngest child Molly for a week, so enjoy next week's guest writer.

Keep doing this relevant work, and being good to work with.

Scott Jamieson, President & COO
sjamieson@annexbusinessmedia.com | mobile: 519-410-4000
Virtual Trolls
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To Kathryn N, for Going Beyond
From Colleen – "Kathryn always goes above and beyond. This week she steered a couple of urgent projects across their finish lines by working effectively with our partners in the Baking Association. With several staff involved, it can be challenging to keep things moving. Kathryn took control when things threatened to stall and calmly got it all done. Thank you!"

To Emily, for Being Agile
From Angela – "Emily sought out a new method of creating multiple digital ads on one artboard allowing for a time-savings opportunity when making changes to packages of digital advertising. I appreciate the effort and initiative by Emily in what could be a great time savings for production. Well done!"

To Alison, for Working Together
Fromm Bree – "Alison has had to do so many suites of digital promo images for the ag group lately and even when we miss things, she always turns them around in a timely manner, communicates effectively and seeks clarity when necessary."
What's Working
Meta helping us get subscribers
Much like we did back in 2014 ahead of CASL implementation, we're making readers aware of how Bill C-18 and the blowback from Meta and Google may make it harder for people to see our news. The solution we're suggesting is to sign up as an enews subscriber to be sure we get as many new emails as possible. The first step is the addition of Welcomer ads at the very top of all our websites enticing people to take matters into their own hands. That will be followed by print ads in all magazines through the fall.
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MyAnnex Facts
Did you know that we have a section in the MyAnnex Cheat Sheets for Audience, including an updated list of which magazines are managed by which circulation manager, a CASL primer video (which you should have watched already), a CASL 101 document, and copies of our CASL Certification.
Michelle's Covey Corner
Feedback for Growth
As we prepare and have our last quarterly Own It check-in meetings for FY 23, reflect on whether you are receiving the feedback you need to keep growing. Be proactive - help your manager and highlight the area(s) you want/need more guidance.

How to do it:
  1. Determine the area of your work where having more feedback would be helpful. Is there an area you need more confidence, an aspect of your job you want to gain more expertise in or build a skill, or is there an area of work you have no idea what your manager thinks of your performance.
  2. When receiving feedback from your manager, listen and stay open to what they have to say. Receiving feedback can be uncomfortable for some, regardless of the type. Encourage your manager - you want to hear what they have to say. Repeat back what you hear to make sure you understand it correctly and take notes on key points.
  3. Follow up until you're sure you know what to do next to improve – and how to do it. If you get vague feedback or you don't understand – ask for specifics.
  4. hank your manager for the feedback.
  5. Apply the feedback and check in to see how it's going.

Taken from the FranklinCovey micro-course "Self-Awareness"