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Canada, U.S. discussing 'NORAD-like approach' to disaster management: Blair

Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair says he's in discussions with U.S. officials, including the head of FEMA, about closer co-operation on disaster management.

B.C. regional district flags updated provincial emergency support services guide

A lack of consultation on the updating of the provincial emergency support services guide has the regional district ‘concerned’ about the shortcoming.

Experts question Canadian water bomber expertise with rising demand, aging fleets

Aviation experts say Canada is losing expertise in the manufacturing of water bombers – just as demand for them is increasing.

Wildfire roundup: What you need to know about blazes burning across Canada

Hundreds of wildfires continue to rage in Canada as storms forecast across the country could bring much-needed rain but also the risk of powerful winds and lightning.


Are Canadians prepared for the next weather-related disaster?

Statistics Canada asked Canadians to share their level of concern about the risk of natural disasters and weather-related emergencies in the fall of 2022. They also asked whether they or someone in their household had taken steps to prepare, or helped others prepare. » Read More...

'We've learned to manage very well': Fort McKay puts disaster management skills to use

“In the last 15 years … we’ve been evacuated three times for forest fires,” said Ron Quintal, who was deputy fire chief with the Fort McKay Fire Department during the 2016 fires. “Emergencies, for us, are things that we’ve learned to manage very well." » Read More...

Feds looking at options for a national disaster response agency

The federal government is studying options for creating a new national disaster response agency. » Read More...

Germany's OroraTech launches global thermal intelligence service

OroraTech's precursor sensor is currently actively assisting Quebec's provincial fire agency in managing more than 150 ongoing fires. » Read More...

Nearly 350 firefighters from the E.U. will help battle relentless Canadian wildfires

A battalion of nearly 350 firefighters from the European Union will soon be on the ground in Quebec to help their Canadian counterparts tackle a devastating and unprecedented wildfire season. » Read More...


Bordering on Disaster Conference

Sept. 13-14, 2023 | Lloydminster, Alta. » Learn More

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Oct. 24-26, 2023 | Edmonton » Learn More