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Blazes burn near Kamloops, Cranbrook, B.C., amid record wildfire season

The wildfire service reports more than 450 active fires across B.C., most caused by lightning, with 264 ranked as out of control.

B.C. residents say centralized emergency alerts would help avoid confusion

Some B.C. residents are calling for a centralized emergency alert system to prevent confusion from multiple sources of information.

Multi-billion-dollar risk to economic activity from climate extremes affecting ports: report

“...only looking at localized damage to infrastructure can hide the wider economic losses that could materialize during extreme events," said Jasper Verschuur, lead author of the paper.

Insurance experts share guidance following N.S. flooding: IBC

"Insurers serve as 'second responders' in the recovery period after catastrophe strikes," the Insurance Bureau of Canada said.


Recruit, train and equip local disaster volunteers: Southern Ontario CERT Part 1

In our newest feature, Niagara, Ont., CERT program co-ordinator Grant Durfey explains the need for trained volunteers during local or wide-impact emergencies. » Read More...

Opinion: Collaboration can help tackle Canada’s escalating wildfire threat

Researchers Julia Baird, Angela Guerrero Gonzalez, Daniel Nohrstedt, Örjan Bodin, and Robert J Summers examined two major wildfires – the Fort McMurray, Alta., wildfire of 2016 and Sweden’s Västmanland wildfire of 2014 – and found that the key to minimizing the impacts of wildfires is effective collaboration. » Read More...

Wildfires straining local search and rescue groups in northern B.C.

Pouce Coupe councillor Marcel Woodill said reimbursement rates from the province for local search and rescue groups haven’t covered additional costs from recent deployments. » Read More...

Disaster risks outweigh resilience in Asia Pacific region: UN report

The Asia-Pacific region has a narrow window to increase its resilience and protect its hard-won development gains from the socioeconomic impacts of climate change. » Read More...

Brockton, Ont., looks to DMAF for erosion control funding

The $8.5-million project would involve protecting the toe and cutting back the slope along the cliff in Walkerton. » Read More...

B.C.'s Strathcona Regional District receives funding to mitigate climate-related disasters

Among the number of projects to be funded are the Houpsitas Watershed Restoration Project and the Nootka Island Ecological Restoration Strategy. » Read More...


Bordering on Disaster Conference

Sept. 13-14, 2023 | Lloydminster, Alta. »

CRHNet 2023 Symposium

Oct. 24-26, 2023 | Edmonton »