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921: Guide for Fire and Explosion Investigations

If your job involves investigating fires and explosions, then you need NFPA 921: Guide For Fire & Explosion Investigations. This document is the premier source for rendering scientific based opinions on origin and cause investigations along with incident responsibility.

NFPA 921 describes in detail the scientific method to apply in fire and explosion investigations. Public and private professionals have long seen NFPA 921 as a valuable resource in the field and in training.

NFPA 921 also offers essential guidance on:

  • Using the scientific method in origin and cause investigations
  • Documenting an investigation so that all relevant facts are gathered for future use in court
  • Handling fire-related evidence so that it’s admissible in court
  • Understanding many of the terms related to explosion and fire investigations
Featuring additional new full-colour images, especially for Fire Protection Images.

Make sure you have the most up-to-date information on investigating fires and explosions in the 2017 edition of NFPA 921.

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