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Working with Giants

Back to Basics: Firefighter survival — windows

Every residential structure that we enter will have common features that we can count on when it comes time to firefighter survival and self-rescue. One of these common features are windows – every residential structure will have them. Windows are designed to provide natural light into the building, allow for natural ventilation for the structure, and are designed to make the structure look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. By Mark van der Feyst

Three elements of building elite skills

In the early 1990s, research by psychologist K. Anders Ericsson and his colleagues at Berlin’s elite Academy of Music sought to learn more about talent and what constituted it. They believed talent came from more than the nature and genetics of successful people. To qualify his initial belief, he created an experiment with violinists and studied them for years. By James Rychard

Truck Tech: Lessons in preventative maintenance

My article for this month is something I have written about before and need to circle back and go into some more detail. I have discussed preventative maintenance; how it helps to prevent early failures and also prepares us for future issues or impending failures. I always speak to subjects I have personally been involved with and this is definitely one of them. By Chris Dennis
Firehall Bookstore

New Consolidated Standard: NFPA 1140 Standard for Wildland Fire Protection

This new and updated standard is a consolidation of the four previous documents below and serves as a single wildland fire safety standard in an effort to increase usability, reduce errors and conflicts, and produce a greater quality standard.

Use the 2022 edition of NFPA 1140, Standard for Wildland Fire Protection, to stay up to date with the latest NFPA® Emergency Response and Responder Safety (ERRS) requirements and help keep communities safe.

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Training Connections: Part 3

Within different disciplines, first responders are taught different priorities. Real life situations are complex and we need to work on how we blend our training and knowledge to provide the best care and response possible. By Steve Piluso » Read more...

Extrication tips: Strut into autumn

Now that the world is finally getting back to some sense of normalcy (for the time being), we’ve also seen our training pick back up as well. With that being said, I thought I’d touch on the broad topic of stabilization struts. In a rescue world surrounded by the need for us to be versatile, we can very quickly get confused as to what struts are the best for every application. And, to be brutally honest, struts can be very similar to hydraulic tools in this sense. All are great for specific applications, but to truly understand what type you may need, you have to have a basic knowledge of what struts are used for in the vehicle rescue application, and from there you can make a better decision on which is right for your team. By Chad Roberts » Read more...

FSWO 2021 Virtual Training Symposium

October 31 – November 19 Location: Virtual » Learn more