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Branding for the modern fire service

The life cycle of a fire department is one marked with benchmarks, such as anniversaries, and the people that make them up change over time. The vehicles, training and tools need to adapt and grow to remain viable and relevant as benchmarks go by. These events make up the history of the department, which in turn forms the “culture” or the “soul” of a service. As the makeup of a department is altered, a new sense of ownership is created. It is made up of the traditions of the past, the entrusted legacy of those that came before, and the reputation that was built through adversity and triumph. Since change is inevitable, modernization should be anticipated and embraced. When a fire department moves towards the future, it has a lot of transitional components in play, from leadership movement, acceptance of new technology and forming a new sense of self-identity. By Kirk Hughes

Building and fire codes: 2020 and 2025

Many roads are paved with good intentions. We see this in the country’s building and fire code development process. The process has many positive attributes. However, these same attributes can also translate into unintended challenges. In this article, I look at a few of them as we anticipate the release of the 2020 codes and the next one in 2025. By Tina Saryeddine

Innovation and tax credits in fire fighting

Our firefighters have always been an important part of our community and some businesses are looking at new ways to keep them better protected. Creating a role for private companies is crucial to ensuring that Canada is at the forefront of modern technology and we are seeing both new and augmented systems that can help firefighters to detect and track fires, and also to identify the fires that could cause the most damage. By Richard Hoy
NFPA 20 Handbook

2022 Edition: NFPA 20 & NFPA 14, Stationary Fire Pumps and Standpipe Systems Handbook

The field of stationary pumps for fire protection is always evolving and expanding. Be ready for every challenge and help ensure pump and standpipe systems respond in an emergency as the design intended.

From pump currents and limited-service controllers to overcurrent protection devices and transfer switch installation, the Stationary Fire Pumps and Standpipe Systems Handbook is your source for information and directions for maintaining cutting-edge fire protection. This must-have handbook consolidates standard requirements and industry-leading knowledge in a single product. You get the complete text of the standard along with expert commentary and instruction on the following documents:
  • NFPA 20, Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection, 2022 edition
  • NFPA 14, Standard for the Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems, 2019 edition
  • NFPA 24, Standard for the Installation of Private Fire Service Mains and Their Appurtenances, 2022 edition
  • NFPA 291, Recommended Practice for Water Flow Testing and Marking of Hydrants, 2022 edition
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TIs and search and rescue

For years, the fire services have been using thermal imaging (TI) to search for victims within structure fires that they have responded to. On some occasions, they are called upon to aid in the search for victims lost in the outdoors. But as the writer of this article, I see the potential for this technology to be used much more than just the fire services. By Manfred Kihn » Read more...

Helming communications: emergency software

Scott Davis first became aware of the DisasterLAN (DLAN) emergency software during the Toronto 2015 Pan-Am Games. Davis, now vice-president of Community Disaster Response in Ontario, was in emergency management with Peel region public health in Ontario at the time, and was impressed by its capabilities. By Laura Aiken » Read more...
Drawn by Fire Calendar

FDSOA Apparatus Specification & Maintenance Symposium

Jan. 10-12, 2022
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
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Lambton County Fire Trade Show

Jan. 29., 2022
Location: Sarnia, Ont.
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