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Health risks of loneliness

Sometimes being alone can be good for a person to reflect, relax, read and recharge. Being alone does not make a person necessarily lonely. It is the perception of being alone that makes the person lonely. Research has shown that this form of isolation is unhealthy and can lead to long-term health issues. By Peter Collins

A new firefighter wellness program

Mental health in the fire fighting community is becoming more widely discussed and prioritized amongst departments throughout Canada. Many mental health supports are focused on reactive solutions to preventative problems, and it was from this perspective that I developed the Wellness Plan for Firefighters, a free, preventative training program that establishes a baseline and then offers opportunities for refreshers across a career. By Jordan Bolzon

Trainer’s Corner: The lessons you don’t expect

During my three decades of instructing in the fire service, I have gravitated towards hands on training. My go-to methods are: drills (the way things are done), scenarios (a description of what could possibly happen), and perhaps my favourite method, evolutions (the development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. By Ed Brouwer
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Managing Risk in the Volunteer Fire Department: Concepts, Methods, and Practices

Risk management is one of the most important but frequently ignored fireground management skills. The volunteer fire service is particularly vulnerable because of a lack of understanding and training in a risk management system, why we need it, how it works, and how to use it.

Firefighting is a dangerous job, but risks need to be measured against the capabilities of the responding firefighters. This title by Joe Nedder brings clarity and insight gained from real-world experience.

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Thermal imagers are not without risks

These are unprecedented times for all of us and although fire departments may not be responding to as many structural calls as they are EMS calls, it’s even more important to continue training with their thermal imager (TI) to ensure firefighters stay mentally focused. It’s critical that firefighters keep their TI skills sharp for when a structural fire call does come in because the TI tool could potentially save a life. Let’s look at training firefighters to use the TI safely and the risks that are associated with interpreting what the TI is telling you. By Manfred Kihn » Read more...

Back to Basics: Cold weather truck checks

As we start a new year in the fire service, we find ourselves in the middle of winter, which requires us to be diligent in making sure our equipment is in good working order. In cold weather operations, it is imperative to make sure our trucks are running properly and safely. By Mark van der Feyst » Read more...

Fire Fighting in Canada Virtual Summit

February 24, 2022
Location: Virtual
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OAFC 2022 Conference and Trade Show

May 5-7, 2022
Location: The International Centre, Mississauga, ON
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Security • Police • Fire Career Expo

May 10, 2022
Location: Universal EventSpace, Vaughan, ON
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