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Extrication Tips: So many choices: Struts

When thinking about our compliment of auto ex tools and how we evaluate our needs, the one area that is often overlooked or undervalued is the stabilizing and/or lifting struts. While some may argue this is due to their somewhat limited use on our general extrication calls, with the advent of newer struts on the market, today’s strut combinations put that argument to bed very quickly. From their original inception in the rescue world, these tools were used mainly for general stabilization and widening of the vehicle footprint. But now, struts, like many other tools in our trade, have been evaluated, re-engineered and rebranded to make them extremely versatile and valuable to any department, no matter the size or budget. The tricky part is knowing which one or type to go with. By Chad Roberts

NFPA Impact: It’s time to embrace the first line of defence

It was a pretty remarkable Twitter post – Ontario Fire Marshal Jon Pegg, on Jan. 28, pleading with followers and anyone else who happened upon his short video to be vigilant; to install and maintain smoke alarms. In the first 27 days of January, 17 people died in home fires in Ontario, among them, three children on a First Nation, and three young brothers in a townhouse fire in Brampton. Even after Pegg posted his video, there were four more fatalities – 21 in the first month of 2022. That number seemed alarmingly high, but a year earlier, in January 2021, there were 22 reported fire deaths in Ontario. By Laura King

Bariatric Rescue

At a recent fire, we were confronted with this very question. Our initial update included the report of a basement fire, people trapped and explosions coming from the basement area. On approach we noticed smoke coming from the front door and occupants exiting the house. During our initial engagement we began by advancing a 45 mm handline and gathered information. During the size-up we determined that everyone upstairs had evacuated the premises. We were advised by the homeowner, who had self-evacuated, that a woman and her child were still in the basement. The hose line was redirected to a side entrance where an exterior door was cut into the side of the building. This led us to a shared room full of pressurized smoke. Upon descending the narrowed set of stairs, the smoke thinned where a closed and locked door was located against the bottom of the step. This was an accessory basement apartment that did not meet building code. By Jared Newcombe
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Fire Department Strategic Planning: Creating Future Excellence, 3rd

Designed to be effective as a manual to develop an individual fire department’s strategic plan as well as a textbook for use in courses, this 3rd edition provides support to fire departments that already have a strategic plan and just need to update and revise their existing plan.

A new chapter in this edition provides assistance to those departments having challenges with their strategic plan and obtaining the desired outcomes/results. It adds a new troubleshooting process for those departments having challenges to creating an effective and successful strategic plan.

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Tech Talk: The apparatus technician and mentorship

Since becoming a member on Facebook, I have also joined a couple of fire department apparatus repair groups. At first, I thought most of what I was seeing was American and there would be no comparison. Oh my, was I wrong. One thing I have learned in this walk-through-life of mine, is to always keep an open mind. Keep your eyes and ears wide open and mouth shut until you have something good to say. The fire department apparatus repair techs and EVTs (emergency vehicle technicians) in the U.S. deal with the exact same politics, repair issues, parts purchasing problems, parts inventory asset management and need to keep up with latest technology and manage the fleet, as well as being the silent unsung heroes that keeps these fire vehicles going. A tip of my toolbox lid to all of you. Keep up the great work at keeping your municipalities safe by getting the operations staff to the incident safely with the best maintained fleet for the emergency services. By Chris Dennis » Read more...

Back to Basics: Rescue ready

The number one fire ground priority is to save lives. All fire departments in North America strive to meet this priority in the interest of the public they serve. Firefighters push themselves to their limits to save the life of a complete stranger. The rescue process begins by being in a readied state for the call of action. What does it mean to be rescue ready? It refers to a readied state that the firefighter and company officer are in so that they can respond effectively and efficiently to the call and the rescue. There are four key areas that every firefighter and company officer can look at in examination of whether they are rescue ready. By Mark van der Feyst » Read more...
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OAFC 2022 Conference and Trade Show

May 5-7, 2022
Location: The International Centre, Mississauga, ON
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Security • Police • Fire Career Expo

May 10, 2022
Location: Universal EventSpace, Vaughan, ON
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BCFTOA Conference

BCFTOA Conference
Location: Salmon Arm, B.C.
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