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Fit for Duty: Measuring cardiovascular fitness

You have only had to pull a charged hoseline through a house or climb a few flights of stairs in full gear once to understand that cardiovascular fitness is important to fire fighting. Strength is also important, but let’s consider cardiovascular fitness for today. Cardiovascular fitness (CVF) can be measured in a variety of ways and having a comprehensive understanding of it may or may not be important from an academic perspective, but whether you define it or not it will affect your ability to effectively respond. By Sherry Dean

Leadership Forum: The snake pit

Today, perhaps more than ever, fire service leaders must be highly skilled and capable at presenting reports and information in a public forum and in responding to questions in an efficient and effective manner. This is certainly true for fire service leaders who must present information, deliver presentations, and respond to questions from their local mayor and council. By Matthew Pegg

It’s all about TRAINING: Where can’t I use a thermal imager?

There should be no excuse for someone on your crew not to be carrying the TI. Just like your radios, flashlights or Halligan bar, your TI is also an extremely useful tool…only if you remember to use it. It’s all about TRAINING! By Manfred Kihn
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NEW EDITION Trench Rescue: Principles and Practice to NFPA 1006 and 1670

by Ron “Z” Zawlocki; Craig Dashner
Trench Rescue: Principles and Practice to NFPA 1006 and 1670 4th Edition is the most comprehensive trench rescue resource on the market, delivering updated information on soil assessment, trench protection, shoring techniques, and more. The Fourth Edition provides a comprehensive introduction to trench rescue, focusing on the knowledge and skills required to effectively and safely perform rescues.

Includes many global updates: From foundational knowledge to skills application, safety concerns are reinforced throughout the text to help keep responders free from harm during actual rescues

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Back to Basics: The tenets of VES

On the fire ground, when responding to a residential structure fire, the fire service resorts to tactics to accomplish important tasks and priorities. Just like a football coach who has a play book with different set ups, plays and calls for the game, the fire service has a tactics book. By Mark van der Feyst » Read more...

Extrication Tips: Work smarter not harder during hood access

In this particular situation I’m going to address hood access on the extrication scene and during car fire operations. For years, I have been to many incidents that require access under the hood and while it may seem like a simple task, I continually see crews struggle with the easiest and safest way to accomplish it. By Chad Roberts » Read more...
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FireCon 2022

Sept. 8-10
Location: Thunder Bay, Ont.
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Fire-Rescue Canada 2022

Sept. 11-14
Location: Ottawa
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FSWO Training Symposium

Oct. 20-23
Location: Belleville, Ont.
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