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Mobile Security Checklist: Top 10 Threats

Mobile Security Checklist: Top 10 Threats

As organizations and their employees become more mobile, the potential for corporate data to fall in the wrong hands definitely increases.

In order to balance the productivity and security needs of your public safety organization, you need to understand the threat landscape when it comes to enterprise mobility security, as well as how to mitigate this growing list of threats.

To begin examining just how secure your mobile devices and communications really are, start asking these very important questions:

  • Do you stay in control when devices go missing?
  • Are you taking measures to protect your documents, in addition to your endpoints?
  • Do your users understand and follow your policies?
  • How do you keep rogue apps and malware at bay?
  • Can you ensure data is secure, at rest and in transit?
  • How do you keep work and personal content/data separate?

Discover the answers to these and many other questions by reading BlackBerry's whitepaper: A Mobile Security Checklist: The Top 10 Threats to Your Enterprise Today

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