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How to secure your organizations endpoints and devices

How to secure your organizations endpoints and devices

Mobilizing the workforce is essential to enable first responders to spend more time on things that matter. This applies to both uniform and non-uniform based workers (mounted, bicycle, snowmobile, motor-cycle, foot patrol officers and investigators). With policing, communication and first responder apps directly on officers’ smartphones, officers can quickly and securely gather all types of media on the scene and file reports. That is just one example of how enabling secure mobile workflows can make the workforce more self-sufficient. Providing access to these tools empower officers to make timely, informed decisions, without having to wait for information from other sources. This type of secure, reliable access to data is essential, especially in emergency scenarios

So when it comes to securing your organization’s endpoints, it is important to implement a Unified Endpoint Management Solution that considers the following issues: mobile content management, reporting, monitoring and compliance, total cost of ownership, and managing policies and security procedures.

Deciding on a UEM solution isn’t easy. You need a solution that offers the security you require at an organizational level, and also at the individual level. In the end, you need to make sure that security doesn’t get in the way of productivity and collaboration. Learn more about UEM best practices by reading BlackBerry’s white paper: A UEM Checklist for CIOs

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