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The NG911 initiative involves the updating of the entire 911 service infrastructure in the United States and Canada to improve public emergency communications services in an increasingly wireless and data-driven society. NG911 PSAP technology must be able to receive information and calls in all forms (voice, text, image, video, location information and more) via the ESINet and the legacy public switch telephone network from wireless, landline, telematic, sensor and more—all while enabling PSAP personnel to efficiently process the new data.

What does this mean?
As the full scope and standards for NG911 continue to emerge, NG911 will require public safety agencies, personnel and their technology solutions to interact with all forms of data—GIS data to route calls, data from the citizens, and data about locations and people.

  • CentralSquare 911 was built from the ground up with NG911 in mind; designed in accordance with the NENA i3 standards for PSAPs, manage your voice and data from a single application to create a better workflow for accurate and efficient Calls for Service (CFS) processing.
  • CentralSquare 911 enables you to receive text-to-911 calls, provides the ability to send outbound text messages directly from your workstation and locates callers by accessing caller's phone coordinates even if the call did not come through 911.
  • Today more than ever, it is critical for agencies to move from an antiquated stand-alone voice application to an integrated, operations-focused voice and data platform.
Equip your team for today's NG911 needs with CentralSquare 911.

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