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A Message from our sponsor

We did not start in a lab. We did not start with engineers. We did not even start with a bias about what features we should build. We started with you.

At CentralSquare we work with over 5,000 public safety agencies and our products start with them. Each and every screen in CentralSquare new Mobile Enterprise is “born on duty.” Across dozens of agencies we spent hundreds of hours watching how first responders worked, learned their pain points, brainstormed solutions with them, and built screens and workflows that cut response times. Our new Mobile UX:

Reduces Clicks and Cuts Response Times
In public safety, speed matters – cutting one minute in response time can save 230,000 lives in North America each year. Everything that bogs down an officer results in a delay and increases response times. Our new Mobile UX:

  • Cuts clicks: Gets responders the information they need in less than half time, with 33% fewer clicks.
  • Highlights critical information: The new active call window provides “glanceable” access to critical incident location and routing information.
  • Proactively smart: Directs units to the quickest route, taking into account current traffic conditions, road closures and other hazards that may impede the flow of traffic.

Boosts Responder Safety

  • Prevents distracted driving: “Glanceable” screen design provides information with a quick glance, enabling responders to focus on the road in high-speed response situations.
  • Boosts situational awareness: Visual heads-up queuing of hazards, warnings, unread comments and key safety information improves situational awareness
  • Increases in-vehicle safety: Native dark mode preserves an officer’s location, reduces distractions and improves in-vehicle safety.

Get Started

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