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911 response times are getting faster thanks to data integration
Millions of 911 calls are made each year by citizens seeking immediate, life-saving help. However, as the Wall Street Journal reports, these calls come into thousands of different primary and secondary dispatch centers that use multiple types of software systems. This prevents dispatchers from easily identifying, deploying and coordinating emergency resources across jurisdictions and results in slower response to life-threatening emergencies.
CentralSquare CAD-to-CAD
CentralSquare CAD-to-CAD
CentralSquare can help
With CentralSquare CAD-to-CAD, you'll be joining a public safety network without boundaries. Because as you know, crime does not stay within jurisdictional borders. Here's what else CAD-to-CAD can do for your agency:
  • Ensure dispatch of the nearest first responder
  • Eliminate manual transfers between dispatch centers
  • Seamlessly identify and deploy resources across jurisdictions
  • Maximize use of scarce public safety resources
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