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<i>Blue Line, The Podcast</i> welcomes Officer Michelle Vincent, co-founder of The Haven

Blue Line, The Podcast welcomes Officer Michelle Vincent, co-founder of The Haven

These past few months, Blue Line, The Podcast has been probing the stories behind some truly inspiring officers and how they found their way to their current careers. In fact, we have been celebrating women in law enforcement in this series and our December episode marks our final installment for now.

We sit down with York Regional Police Officer Michelle Vincent, who has been in the field for 18 years and is also the writer behind Blue Line's "Holding the Line" column. Furthermore, she is an officer on a serious mission to save lives when it comes to the first responder mental health crisis.

As one of the founders of a new non-profit, Vincent is in the process of implementing Ontario's first treatment centre that will be occupationally-specific for and exclusive to first responders. It's called The Haven and it is based on Quebec's model, La Vigile. She tells us more about the stage this non-profit is at and why it will make a difference in suicide prevention among emergency services and uniform personnel.

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