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Precision Mounting Technologies fully rugged CF-33 docking station is designed and built utilizing aircraft grade CNC machined aluminum. It's low-profile maximizes vehicle occupant safety and comfort without compromising durability or taking up valuable real estate in your mobile office. Featuring an auto-latching lock system you can be confident your laptop will stay secure, even if the dock is left unlocked. Available with or without the screen lock module, which reduces the opportunity for theft of the tablet screen itself so users can have additional peace of mind. Available bundled with or without a power supply that features an integrated LED light on the output tip so you have quick at-a-glance feedback informing you the dock has power.

Our CF-33 docking station incorporates genuine Panasonic electronics to ensure laptop compatibility, dependable operation and reliable connectivity. Full port replication allows for connectivity for all your communication and peripheral needs. The integrated connector cover provides protection and reduces potential damage to the connector itself. Now, Panasonic Toughbook Certified you can have the confidence our docking station is rigorously tested for peace of mind.
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