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Jim Bremner talks going “back to the basics” with <i>Blue Line, The Podcast</i>

Jim Bremner talks going “back to the basics” with Blue Line, The Podcast

In the February episode of Blue Line, The Podcast, we sit down with Jim Bremner, the president and founding member of the Canadian Tactical Officers Association, or CTOA. We chat about shields, Blue Line Expo coming up on April 21, and even dogs, among other tactical tidbits, so grab those headphones and listen in.

Bremner explains one of CTOA's mission statements in this exclusive, one-on-one conversation: to download the tactical skillsets of weapons handling, strategies, etc. to the frontline patrol officer.

"Now more than ever, the frontline patrol officer is first on scene at some very critical incidents," he says. "In reality, we're the last to arrive. So, CTOA and our information is not just for SWAT team members; it's for everybody in law enforcement."

Listen to the SoundCloud link on our website for the full conversation or on Apple Podcasts under Annex Business Media: Podcasts.

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