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<b>The Only Sonar Device to Specifically Target Humans in Water</b>

The Only Sonar Device to Specifically Target Humans in Water

With AquaEye®, police officers can search an area of over 85,000 square feet in less than 5 minutes. That is nearly 2 acres. No other product matches the speed of search and specifically targets human bodies.

AquaEye is an ultra-portable, advanced underwater scanner, using the latest in sonar and artificial intelligence technologies to identify human bodies underwater.

With a scanning range of 50 meters in all directions, AquaEye handheld scanner enables officers from your team to locate missing persons and identify targets from the surface, before diving.

Providing closure for families through a successful recovery as quickly as possible is key but doing so safely is essential. AquaEye provides quicker victim recovery while reducing the time your dive team is in the danger zone, and it may reduce the need for additional recovery resources.

AquaEye also works in black water allowing you identify the direction and distance to your human targets even in zero visibility conditions.

Watch AquaEye find a hidden diver 25 meters away in forty seconds.

Start a conversation with us today to learn how you can keep your team safer and resolve missing person cases faster.

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