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<b>The World's Leading AI Enabled Data-To-Knowledge Company</b>

The World's Leading AI Enabled Data-To-Knowledge Company

During this live webinar, Babel Street® will showcase Babel X®, its multi-lingual, geo-enabled, text-analytics, social media and web-monitoring platform designed to meet the needs of our customers by fully leveraging publicly available information in this era of overwhelming quantities of geographically diverse, multi-lingual data.

Babel X makes sense of large tracts of multi-lingual data in near real time. Babel X assigns and charts sentiment for social media in over 20 of the major world languages. Users identify themes, entities, and categories, as well as detect relationships, within the cloud-based platform. Babel X users can explore the data through a wide range of analytical lenses to include geospatial, temporal, link analysis, public records search, sentiment, and topics of interest. Users can set custom alerts for topics or activity of interest.

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