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Full Width Console
PMT is excited to announce the release of our all new full width console for the 2021+ Chevrolet Tahoe including versions with and without an in-console mounted printer solution. Both versions come in three variations; bare console box, console box with breakaway armrest/cup holder/faceplates/blanks and console box with breakaway armrest/cup holder/faceplates/blanks and PMT mousetrap with wedge tilt for laptop docking station.

Our full width console gives users additional storage space which is great for keeping important items easily accessible. Located on the right side of the console box and running the full length of the console, this storage area measures up to 2" wide and 3.5" deep.

Also available in our assortment is an in-console printer solution. This option allows for paper to be fed directly out towards the vehicle operator through the slot in the top of the console. Featuring an effective edge for tear off of printed documents, users can ensure their paperwork is easy to obtain and professionally presented.

All console options include ergonomic trim panels and mounting brackets to make installation simple and fast fitting without the need for any additional drilling. Our design allows users to keep the OEM aesthetic of the vehicle and creates frustration free installation.

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Tahoe Console
Tahoe Console
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