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<b>Life Work and Leisure After the Force - Discover it At RCMPVA.ORG</b>

Life Work and Leisure After the Force - Discover it At RCMPVA.ORG

Leaving any organization can be a difficult time for people. Leaving a police force and those with whom you have worked so closely and often dangerously can be extremely stressful. The RCMPVA is very aware of the issues attached to retirement and our Divisional Advocates can help you in finding solutions to resolve these issues.

We have pension specialists who can advise you on what steps to take after your retirement including tax considerations and a more general overview of what you need to know about your pension.

We also offer information on how your pension can be affected by injuries received on duty and we can provide advice on what benefits your survivors may be eligible for in the event of your death.

Above all we offer a terrific group of retired RCMP members who are always willing to help and support you as you transition out of the Force.

Come join us at www.rcmpva.org and make your voice heard in support of the serving and retired members of the RCMP.

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