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<b>What is OSINT? Why is OSINT valuable?</b>

What is OSINT? Why is OSINT valuable?

This introductory course into (OSINT) Open Source Intelligence is a gateway to understanding how publicly available online resources can be gathered. How this information can be contextually relevant to a person, organization, or an event you are investigating or researching. The digital breadcrumbs you will learn to find, assess, and analyze, can inform and corroborate other information sources that move your investigations forward.

Participants in this course will understand where to locate relevant information in the pursuit of evidence. Techniques that will aid the course attendees in everyday situations will be outlined & reinforced thought a blended approach of synchronous (live) & asynchronies (pre-recorded) teaching modules, critical thinking scenarios, assignments & group discussions.

Our course focuses on the best practices essential to gain the skills & confidence needed in online investigations & research.

Participants will gain the knowledge, skills, & abilities to successfully commence, investigate, prepare, and articulate the fruits of their online investigation to other investigators and in a judicial setting.

   ✓ Synchronous 2 hours / week
   ✓ Asynchronous 3 hours / week
   ✓ Self-learning 2-3 hours / week

In addition, you will receive yearlong licenses to three well recognized software tools for investigation & research. (Retail value $250)

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