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<b>Leading at the Edge</b> — True tales from canadian police in peacebuilding and peacekeeping missions around the world

Leading at the Edge — True tales from canadian police in peacebuilding and peacekeeping missions around the world

A United Nations tour-of-duty could open your career to new opportunities, and make you a better person when you come back. Want to know more? Read RCMP Inspector Ben Maure's latest Book Leading at the Edge—True Tales From Canadian Police in Peacebuilding and Peacekeeping Missions Around the World. His book presents ten short bibliographical stories of Canadian police officers on international missions.

Learn how those Canadians helped make this world a better place and bring democratic policing to fledgling nations. Here is what two Canadian Chiefs of Police had to say about Leading at the Edge:

"Author Ben Maure provides readers with a rare glimpse into the lives and missions of several Canadian police officers who have made personal sacrifices and have foregone the comforts of home to travel abroad to maintain peace in some of the most challenging areas of the world. As an organization that supports peace keeping measures, I appreciated this recognition of those who have served."
— Chief Troy Cooper Saskatoon Police Service

"While reading this book, I could not help but connect deeply with the fundamental reasons for which I pursued this profession of policeman. This book restores the letters of nobility to our profession, so often forgotten or neglected. Having lived in several continents, I found very enriching and touching the various passages of stories experienced by our colleagues. The public should take the time to read this book in order to grasp the role of the police officer on mission and to be able to appreciate the altruism of these men and women..."
— Fady Dagher, Directeur du Service de police de l'agglomération de Longueuil

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