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<b>Leaving any organization is a challenge we all must work through.</b>

Leaving any organization is a challenge we all must work through.

The transition from working RCMP employee to the next stage of your life after the Force is challenging for all of us.

As part of the RCMP and its many diverse roles and positions, we have provided service to our communities and country during challenging and often dangerous times. Our service and its responsibilities have helped every employee become part of a unique cadre of professionals who understand how our shared experiences have shaped who we are.

The RCMPVA membership is made up of former RCMP employees with those shared experiences. We are very aware of the issues attached to retirement and Association members are here to support you.  Our Divisional Advocates bring training and experience and can help people like you with the transition to the next stages of your life.

We have pension specialists who can advise you on what steps to take after your retirement including tax considerations and a more general overview of what you need to know about your pension.

We also offer information on how your pension can be affected by injuries related to or received on duty. And we can provide bereavement support as well as advice and guidance for you and your family about survivors' benefits.

Our common experiences allow us to be the Association of former colleagues where you can find an understanding and willing support team to help you as you transition to the next stage of life after the Force.

All are welcome to our Association.  Retired and serving Regular Members, Civilian Members, Public Servants working with the Force and Municipal employees working with the Force are welcome. Come join us at membership.rcmpva.org and experience what the Association can do for you and make your voice heard in support of the serving and retired members of the RCMP.
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