Blue Line Magazine is hosting their second annual Blue Line Expo International this April! This online event brings together experts from North America to speak on challenges that all police agencies are facing and working with today: recruiting and training personnel.

Panel Discussion – Training

Over the last few years, police departments have been called on to update the training they provide for their officers. Deciding how to change the training, or when to implement the new updates, have posed challenges for many agencies. In this session, you will hear from a range of industry professionals who focus on training strategies every day. You may learn from their experiences and find actionable information that you can try within your law enforcement team.

Speakers include:

Stephan Vachon-Zee

Patrol Sergeant, Public Safety Unit Training Sergeant

Marc Parent

CEO – Canadian Corps of Commissionaires, Québec (Ex-Chief of police of Montréal, Canada. FBINA)

Michael McKenzie

Field Training and Academy Lieutenant – Orange County Sheriff's Office

Steve Nash

Teacher, Mentor, Trainer

Registration for this event is FREE.

For general inquiries, please contact Brittani Schroeder at bschroeder@annexbusinessmedia.ca (416-317-5967).