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Even though medical cannabis has been legal since 2001, there is still a lingering stigma surrounding the use of it. However, there is a significant amount of factual scientific evidence that shows how medical cannabis can be an effective and natural solution to help Canadians live their day-to-day lives. Pain, stress, anxiety, sleep, and PTSD are some of the most common ailments patients use medical cannabis for.

Medical cannabis is available in an array of convenient and discreet formats like oils, easy to swallow softgel capsules, edibles (such as gummies), and more, making it an accessible option to those looking to explore its potential benefits.

We understand that you may be hesitant to explore medical cannabis. That’s why we’re here to help! As one of Canada’s leading providers of medical cannabis access and education, we have a team of cannabis experts that are here to answer all your questions. Submit your question anonymously below and next week, we’ll send out another email and share the answer, along with the answers to other questions we’ve received.

Submit your questions here by May 23rd

Learn more by reading the full article of our Medical Cannabis 101 in Blue Line Magazine or visiting https://www.cannabisclinics.ca/.

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