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Last week, Canadian Cannabis Clinics asked readers to submit their questions about medical cannabis. Here are the top questions & answers.

What’s the difference between my local cannabis shops and buying medical cannabis online?
Products you find in local shops are designed for recreational consumption. When you purchase medical cannabis, you’re getting products that are rooted in science and research for various medical conditions. You also have our team of experts to help make recommendations and ensure you stay safe.

What can medical cannabis help with?
Medical cannabis may help with symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, arthritis, pain, stress, sleep disorders and more1-7.

How will I know how much cannabis to consume?
The dose a person receives depends on their needs. Your best bet is to speak with a cannabis educator at Canadian Cannabis Clinics. A general rule of thumb to follow is "start low, go slow," as recommended by Health Canada.

Will CBD get me “high”?
CBD is non-intoxicating at medically relevant doses and has limited adverse effects at high doses. Learn more about CBD here.

What are terpenes?
Terpenes are naturally produced chemicals found in plants that are responsible for the aromas of cannabis. Terpenes are also suspected to have medicinal properties of their own in addition to possibly working with CBD, THC and other cannabinoids to impact the overall therapeutic effect of a product. This hypothesis is often referred to as the “entourage effect.”

How do I get a medical cannabis prescription?
If you’re ready to start exploring medical cannabis, you can go about obtaining a prescription by booking an online appointment with us at www.cannabisclinics.ca

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