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The world is perceived as less safe and more uncertain than ever before, driving substantial investments in technology that promises enhanced situational awareness and rapid threat/incident resolution.

However, critical incident information resides in disconnected silos of different communication networks and incompatible communications equipment, which cannot be securely shared in real-time.

Until now…

Mutualink’s LNK360™ platform, now available across Canada, delivers unprecedented collaboration and instant communication by building a single, seamless communications bridge between public safety agencies during critical incidents.

This bridge allows first responders and others as required to relay voice, video, and visual data communications between one another, remote command centers, and other partner agencies.

Now available in incident response every day and every emergency:

  • Secure end-to-end integrated communications that include disparate Land mobile radios (LMR), LTE devices, voice, pictures, video and IoT from multiple sources.
  • Real-time mapping and location services.
  • Invitation-based incident management with mutual-aid talkgroups that feature push-to-talk (PTT) capabilities across any device.
  • Multi-agency, cross-border, and interagency communications.
  • Sensor and IoT integration to automate response and provide real-time situational awareness.

Mutualink, public safety’s trusted technology leader, supports several Canadian Police and Fire services to enhance readiness posture, unify communications, and overcome their most advanced interoperability challenges.

For more information on any products and services, please contact Mutualink at info@mutualink.net or (866) 957-5465.

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