A Message from our sponsor

By Rebecca Brown

Gabriel Poulino knows what he wants. And he came to the right place to get it.

The 30-year-old from Congo joined Commissionaires in November 2021 with eyes on a career in law enforcement. Within 12 months, his hard work caught the attention of Nova Scotia Sheriff Services, and Gabriel was offered a new job. He has since started training to become a Sheriff, moving him one step closer to his “ultimate career goal” – joining the police.

“Nothing is holding you back; there is so much potential,” said Gabriel, adding, “My start with Commissionaires put me on the path to big opportunities.”

He says Commissionaires served as an excellent training ground following his post-secondary studies. Gabriel studied criminology at St. Clair College in Windsor, Ontario, but knew he’d require real-world experience and the right contacts to launch his career.

“The exposure Commissionaires gave me was beneficial to my growth as a young, driven person,” said Gabriel. “My work with the organization prepared me for circumstances I’ll face in law enforcement.”

There are many reasons to join Commissionaires. The organization can provide you with a fulfilling, long-lasting career or be a great stepping stone to other professional ambitions.

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